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Sterilized Meat & Bone Meal

Sterilized Meat & Bone Meal

Sterilized Meat & Bone Meal is well sterilized with highly maintained quality. Our M.B.M is produced using freshly slaughtered, disease free and healthy animals. We serve Sterilized Meat & Bone Meal after drying and grinding soft tissues and bone and getting rid of hairs, wool, hoof, horn, hide & content of alimentary tract.

Pure Meal
  • No blood meal added to it.
  • Free from salmonella, e-coli, clostridia, stphyococci.
  • Free from insects and rodents infestation

Quality Meal
  • Crushed into fine particles.
  • Fortified with antioxidants and acidifier.
  • It is fully sterilized.

  • 50 Kg bags


Protein 47 - 51% minimum
Moisture 6%
Fat 6-9%
Calcium 11%
Phosphorus (min.) 5%
Ash 35-37%
Crude Fibre 2-3%
Sand Silica 1.5-2%
Total Lysin 2.5%
Total Methionine 0.65%
Pepsin Digestibility 88-92%